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Decent Italian on I-66 or I-81 on the ay to Douthat State Park


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I have never eaten at this place, but have considered it. It may be what you're looking for: Sal's Italian Bistro, on Main Street (US-11) in Edinburg VA, just off I-81. When I've driven by it, it has exercised a certain "come eat here" pull.

Sal's is a great little place! Definitely stop in. A nice homey red-sauce place run by Sicilians and Mama's in the kitchen and will smack you with a spoon if you get outta line. If you want dessert and she's made turnovers, go for it! The tiramisu is brought in, but the turnovers are hers and she's rightfully proud of them.

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Is Dolce Vita in Fairfax still half-decent?

I took the kids to Dolce Vita a couple of weeks ago.  It's a restaurant on Route 50 in Fairfax, with a parking lot except it's valet parking only.  When I asked for change for a $20 (when I was paying the bill) and I specifically mentioned I needed change to tip the valet, I got back a $10 and 2 $5 bills.  That in of itself pissed me off.  I guess I should've demanded some dollar bills....

The clams (vongole della casa) and Tasca (pizza dough stuffed with mozzarella, prosciutto and topped with arugula) were good.  The pizza dough were near Neapolitan style.

The housemade pastas were too soft and bland (we had linguine vongole and cavatelli sardi).  Two orders of pasta mostly uneaten and not asked to be boxed raised no questions from the staff.

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