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Mesa Grill, Local Chain is Bobby Flay's First Restaurant in Union Square, Also in Las Vegas and the Bahamas - Closed

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This weekend we had dinner at Mesa Grill which was only so-so. The appetizers were alright (oysters, blue corn pancake with bbq duck, and goat cheese fundido), but the entrees were hit and miss. Seared tuna steak with coucous was very good with a really nice sauce that complemented the dish while the grouper with a bbq-like sauce was a bad pairing.

Old habits are hard to break. Perhaps we are in a rut. We did a Batali-Colicchio-Flay circuit last weekend.


Overall, my thumbs up go Mesa for its Sunday brunch. Flay may be overexposed, but his knack for melding intense southwest flavors, exciting textures and colors, and perfect presentations still brings a smile to my face.

Mom and I were by Union Square checking out the holiday market which was really quite cool and needed to eat before our show. Mesa Grill was about a block or two away and I knew we could get something at the bar and then catch a cab to our show in the right amount of time. Mom was tired of walking and wanted a glass of wine so it just all worked out to be a good place to go.

We just sat at the bar and service there was really good, very nice bartender, I liked my peach margarita, fresh ingredients, not overly sweet and just refreshing. We ordered the blue pancake with duck barbecue, bison steak with onion straws and a side of mashed potatoes. The food was actually very very good. I loved the blue corn pancake with duck bbq. The flavors were excellent, the duck was rich, sauces fit it just right, was very very tender and just good. The bison steak was cooked right to medium rare- seriously, I was impressed with how right on the temperature was. It tasted excellent, sauces again really good. The real winner was the mashed potatoes with lots of chives, parsley and butter. Oh they were excellent. My Mom commented that she was impressed that they were real potatoes that were mashed well, but still had an almost homemade texture to them, not a potato puree at all, mashed potatoes. They were so good I almost liked the little cup they came in. I wish I would have ordered the meatball appetizers, our neighbors got them and OMFG did they smell good.

Anyway they got us in and out in very quick time and the food was very good. But we had wanted some red meat and something kind of substantial americanish so it hit the spot.

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Went to Mesa for brunch this past Sunday and it was great. We had an 1130 reservation and left about 1 very happy and stuffed, Highlights included a tuna tartare served with homemade nacho chips. We each had the same main, a hash of chicken and swet potato with poached eggs. t was a top of food, suggest splitting the hash next time.And teh bread basket had several breads and sweets which we devoured.

Two drink, two app, Two entrees, two coffees with Tip for 106.. A bargain in NYC

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