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Sibarita, Washington Blvd. in Arlington - Bolivian in the old Don Arturo Space

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I don't see that Sibarita is mentioned in the forums anywhere, and as I had a really enjoyable meal there the other night I wanted to mention it. Apologies if my search-fu is simply lacking today and I'm duplicating.

Sibarita is located on the south side of Washington Blvd just down from 10th/Pershing in Arlington. It's a relatively small venue; a little bar with some seating in the front, and a larger dining area in the back. We were a party of four that grew to six and had the entire back of the restaurant to ourselves, sadly, though it did appear that there were a couple of parties that moved through the "bar" during our tenure. The service was fantastic if occasionally slow - we took a long time to decide what to order and I think our waitress got distracted after the third request for more time. That said, she was incredibly helpful in suggesting what to order and very friendly. We spoke Spanish because I'm always looking for the excuse, though her English was great.

We ordered the silpancho de res, pescado a la parilla, and the mini parrillada, as well as a side each of fried and grilled plantains, neither of which were specifically on the menu as sides but both of which they were happy to bring for us. I've never had Bolivian cuisine before so I can't speak to the authenticity but I really enjoyed the entire meal. Despite our concern, we had plenty of food even when our party grew to 6 after we'd ordered.

The silpancho was just the right amount of crispy and came with over-easy eggs instead of fried. The rice was nicely cooked, the tomatoes and onions had a good balance of sweetness and bite, and the in-house green hot sauce that was on the table in a ketchup bottle added the final heat to bring everything together. I would happily buy this sauce if they sold it retail, my "hot tooth" found it addicting. Potatoes came the way I remember potatoes always coming in Spain - not particularly crispy but somehow still pleasing in their softness.

The fish was tilapia, well seasoned with some spice rub, well cooked. Not particularly remarkable, but tasty.

The mini parrillada isn't on their online menu; it was $25 and was supposed to serve 2 but easily served three. The sausage had some kick, the shortribs were juicy with nice crisp fat, the chicken was beautifully not overcooked. I don't recall there being any morcilla on the plate, nor heart or tripe. The side salad was also good, a version of the topping over the silpancho but with a queso fresco and jalapenos.

All in all an enjoyable meal. Total came to $70-something, and included several beers and an Inca Cola.

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[Does anyone know if it changed ownership? It has the same phone number at Don Arturo's did. I'm trying to decide whether to append these onto the existing thread, or to keep them as a new thread - there are a fairly complex set of rules for making that decision.]

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I haven't eaten here but briefly talked to someone inside (I think the owners son) after the restaurant was closed for the night. Extremely friendly, seemed like new management (he was talking about changes they are looking to make now that they've been open for a bit - expand hours and the menu). Said the saltenas usually run out by dinner time.

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Someone at Luzmila's told me Don Arturo returned to Bolivia and its still the same cooks/staff but they changed the restaurant up a little bit.

[Was Don Arturo the owner, the cook, or both? [it actually matters - if there has been a change in ownership, that, plus the new name, is sufficient to warrant a new thread.]

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