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Tea For High School Students During The Week


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I would like to take a group of inner city high school girls to tea on a Wednesday. It would be 11-12 people.

My parameters are we have to go on a Wednesday in the late morning, $20 a head will be a stretch but doable, and it has to be between downtown DC, Silver Spring, and Bethesda.

Alternatively, if anyone knows a caterer who would work with us, we could hold it at school.

If anyone has contacts that could help I would appreciate it. This will be a once in a lifetime opportunity for many of the girls.

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Does it need to be a traditional English tea? Ching Ching Cha does a fixed price tea daily (and well under $20/person if I recall). The only other one that comes to mind is the Mayflower tea room, but that is undoubtedly over budget.

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