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Cookie Monster Cookies for 2nd Birthday - Northern Virginia


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We will be celebrating our youngest daughter's 2nd birthday in a couple of weeks and are doing a Cookie Monster theme. My wife is making the cake. However, we were thinking of doing cookies as a party favor. Does anybody know where I can get about a dozen cookies iced/decorated to look like Cookie Monster? We don't have the time to do them ourselves. Northern Virginia area preferred, please!

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I'll bet one of the Korean bakeries in Annandale would do it. Call Breeze (703) 462-9093 or Shilla. Also in that area is The Swiss Bakery which excels in customer service. I'd also try Heidelberg or Pastries by Randolph - well, I was going to say "before Mother's Macaroons," but after seeing their website, maybe not. I'd be very surprised if one of these six couldn't help you.

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I've been hearing very good things about the following on one of the mom groups:

Cookies to Cocktails

Monster Cookie Company (especially this one!)

Sugar Cookie Creations

Toute Sweets

I don't have a clue on pricing though. Happy early bday to your cutie-putootie!!

Thanks Mary! We wound up using Sugar Cookie Creations. Their cookies turned out really cute and our guests got a kick out of them. I haven't eaten any of them yet, as we have been too busy eating the chocolate chip cookies and the birthday cake my wife made. Just check out this cake she did!


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