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Capogiro Gelato Artisans, John and Stephanie Reitano's Wonderful Gelato in Several Area Locations - Closed

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cjsadler said:

As a bonus, Lolita is directly across from the amazing Capogiro Gelato (no trip to Philly is complete without a stop at Capogiro). They keep getting farther out with the flavors, though. Black truffle gelato? (I nearly gagged from the small tasting I had of it).

I was up there this past weekend and made several trips to Capogiro as it was right around the corner from the hotel. One of my favorites was the grapefruit with campari. Also had some toasted almond, bittersweet chocolate, limoncello, burnt sugar, and fior di latte. If you are in Philly go, and go often. smile.gif

As a side note I had dinner at Buddakan and had a very good meal. Details to follow when I have more time...

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I had fior di latte and pistachio - apparently the fior di latte is made with the milk of a single herd of grassfed cows from PA (or something along those lines). It was delish! Also had tastes of the coconut milk, fig, and a new Guiness flavor they were trying. I wish we had one here.

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Here's a little advance reading for those planning a trip to Philly in the future; since moving here at the end of July, I've become a huge fan of the place. Is the list food-related? Well, given that 5 of the 30 things on it are specific gelato flavors at Capogiro, I'd have to say yes.

I didn't want to go too much into specific restaurants since the list was already food-saturated, but if anyone is looking for recommendations (or needs someone to help them finish a hoagie from Sarcone's) feel free to PM.

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[These paragraphs were copied from The Mother Thread as part of larger posts.

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Went up to Philly for the Wilco show last weekend.
Went to Capogiro Gelato for a delicious butterscotch & dark chocolate gelato. The last time I went here over the summer, we saw Michelle Obama with Sacha and Malia come through with a squad of secret service guys.

The Tinto-Capogiro one-two is always a good bet. Variations: Tinto does brunch now, so you could do it midday Sunday; and Melograno moved to that same corner (Sansom near 20th) so if you're in the mood for Italian BYOB instead of Basque tapas that could work. But Capogiro's hours are shorter in the winter, so don't linger too late over dinner or you'll miss the window.

But the true piece de resistance for my trip--Capogiro Gelato--Pistachio gelato, Rosemary/Honey/Goat Milk gelato, Grapefruit/Campari, fior di latte--oh man, I can't wait to go back to this place!

Dessert afterward at Capogiro (toasted almond/wildflower honey; dark chocolate/peaches and cream; dark chocolate/rosemary honey goat's milk; Thai coconut milk/toasted almond) was, as always, expensive but totally worth it.

For dessert, we shared the smores (graham crackers, brownie bits, marshmallow gelato from Capogiro's, and caramel and chocolate sauces)

and the apple bundt cake.

Got to both Capogiro locations and tried lots of flavors -- I liked my combo of apple cider, dulce de leche, and pecan, but my fiance insisted that his orange cardamom, dark chocolate, and pistachio combination was superior. Girls, girls, you're both pretty.

"Make sure to get some Capogiro gelato!"

Ditto! We ad some amazing flavors there this last trip -- nectarine and lemon-opal basil, and Thai coconut milk smile.gif

Of course, Capogiro was splendid as well. I got the concord grape and white peach, both of which were like taking a bite of the actual fruit. I also tried a friend's sesame and ginger. Outrageously trippy.

Capogiro is a gem. They are now doing mail order, fyi!


And Capogiro was as good as advertised. We had Chocolate Peanut Butter, Champagne Mango, Cashew, Strawberry Tarragon and Burnt Sugar. The Chocolate was a little too rich for my taste and the Burnt Sugar was good, but ultimately not as "burnt" as I was hoping for (I love Hagen Dasz's creme brulee flavor, it gets this just right).

But the cashew was about perfect and the sorbettis blew me away with their sweet, tart fruitiness. Perfect on the miserable humid day that was last Saturday.

On the whole, as good or better than my previous favorites at Otto in New York. I need to get back to Two Amy's to see where their famous offerings stand in the hierarchy.

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