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  1. Thank you for sharing this, sis! My stats have blown up. :)
  2. I accepted an invitation to check out the new afternoon tea offering at Fork Restaurant last month when it was only being offered during the holiday season. Lo and behold, due to popular demand, they've decided to extend it at least until this June. There are only a handful of places where you can enjoy a proper afternoon tea in Philadelphia, so I'm glad they've decided to keep this going. It was quite enjoyable and it was such a pleasure to meet legendary Philadelphia restauranteur Ellen Yin. https://phillygrub.blog/2019/01/05/afternoon-tea-at-fork-restaurant/
  3. The whole Pocono area is simply breathtakingly beautiful in the Fall. It's the best time to go.
  4. Thank you for posting this! I grew up near Jim Thorpe (in neighboring Schuylkill County) but I haven't ever spent much time in Jim Thorpe, so I wanted to go up there in the fall. We didn't make it in 2018; hoping to go this coming autumn.
  5. FYI - Kanella's is still open in Center City. The Queen's Village location closed a while back, though. It will be a new Italian restaurant called Fiore's Fine Foods opening soon: https://www.fiore-finefoods.com/
  6. FYI - this was a comped experience. Disclosure is on the blog article but wanted to clarify that here as well.
  7. I put together a roundup of food tours in Philly. A nice way to explore the city's food scene. https://phillygrub.blog/2018/12/17/top-philadelphia-food-tours/
  8. Here are scenes and some info from the ribbon cutting yesterday. "Del Frisco's Grille Ribbon Cutting" by Amaris Pollock on phillygrub.blog
  9. Last month, we took a road trip to the Crowne Plaza in Reading, PA to experience two hidden gems located inside of the hotel, The Chef's Table and The Pastry Studio. Here's the piece I did: "The Chef's Table and The Pastry Studio at the Crowne Plaza in Reading, PA" by Marilyn Johnson on phillygrub.blog
  10. Yes, I am beyond sad. I'm so grateful I got to know her over the past 2 years or so. She was such a lovely person and her drinks are beyond reproach.
  11. While we weren't friends per se, we knew each other and were always friendly when we saw each other. I knew something was going on with her but I didn't know the particulars. I judged her in a cocktail competition in which she won, of course. May 11, 2017 - "Mixologist Katie Loeb Advances to NOLA for Cocktail Competition" by Marilyn Johnson on phillygrub.blog So very sad, indeed.
  12. Today's episode was great. Craig is so nice. I didn't get a chance to do my segment this week. Just Grubbin is also very good and hilarious!
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