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Gray's Papaya - Owner Paul Gray's 24-Hour Hot Dog Joint in Upper West Side, Split Off From Papaya King in 1973

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Source: Grub Street New York


Gray's West Village corner operation was a neighborhood fixture.

The famous, brightly lit hot-dog shop at one of the most trafficked corners of New York City has apparently closed for good: Gray's Papaya has been shuttered and dismantled in the West Village. "I heard we were closing for good, but I don't know the details," general manager Romy Villanueva tells Bedford + Bowery, adding that a recent rent hike is to blame. Villanueva also says that owner Nicholas Gray is currently looking for a new location. For the moment, there's only one remaining Gray's Papaya in New York City, ...

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This sucks.  Not that there's much to differentiate the various hot dog and papaya drink places in NY, but Gray's was my first.  It's a bit like cheesesteaks in Philly: whichever one you first fall in love with is the one that you hold above all others.  The original is still open, but I don't make it to the Upper West Side much.

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