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Hans Pedr' Kaffé - Owner Jessica Knudsen's Belgian-Styled Cafe Serving Vigilante Coffee, in the Former Locolat Space - Florida and California Avenue in Southeast Adams Morgan - Closed

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Niel and Ada Piferoen sold Locolat to the owner of Hawthorne Fine Breakfast Pastry, Jessica Knudson. The cafe's name has changed to Hans Pedr' Kaffe. The cafe opens earlier now, and serves Vigilante coffee.

Thanks for this post, turbogrrl. I left your original back in the Locolat thread to provide closure.

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So are the waffles still there?  I don't ask for much -- just Liege and Brussels (with berries and whipped cream) on the weekends.... 

I pinged turbogrrl about your question - she hasn't yet been, and so doesn't know the answer.

However, their website says they offer waffles, at least on the weekends (click on the "What We Do" and "Showcase" links for the info).

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