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Pepperjack's, Owners Andrew and Lauren Granzow in Scaggsville

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The Washington Post Food section highlights Pepperjack's, owned by a couple of local guys. Have any dr.com folks tried this place?

From the article:

Walk into the store and your eyes rivet on the bright yellow menu panel with its 30 varieties of subs. The list includes the six-inch Stromboli sub ($4.29), a collection of toasted salami, ham, provolone, onions, peppers and tomatoes. The top seller (and Granzow's personal favorite) is the roast beef signature ($4.49). "You don't often see places put fresh mozzarella cheese and balsamic vinegar on theirs," he bragged. The other crowd-pleaser is the Italian cold cut ($4.29). It's stacked with goodies such as Genoa salami, ham, provolone, and oil and vinegar.

Also on the menu are milkshakes and snowballs.

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I have no comment on the food, but I note that the name violates several well-established rules of restaurant nomenclature:

Rule 101.1(a): "No restaurant shall be named with the possessive form of an inanimate object."

Rule 104.3(a): "No restaurant shall adopt a name that incorporates gratuitous and meaningless references to 'peppers', 'spices', or 'hot[ness]'. (See also Rule 105.2, prohibiting usage of 'Senor' or 'Captain' in restaurant names.)"

Rule 105.6(a): "Unless one of the restaurant's proprietors is actually named 'Jack,' the name 'Jack' shall not appear in the name of the restaurant."

And, of course, the cardinal rule:

Rule 100(a): "All restaurant names that sound as though they may have been used in Office Space are strictly prohibited."

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