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dr.com Autumn 2014 Picnic Poll - CLOSES MONDAY


Date For dr.com Autumn, 2014 Picnic  

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  1. 1. Which Sundays Will You Commit To? (Check All)

    • September 14
    • September 21
    • September 28

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We currently have a reservation for September 28th. However, two people have chimed in and said they'd like to come, but can't make it on the 28th. This is to give them, and everyone, a fair chance.

This poll will be open for four, and only four, days. I tweeted about it here, and I ask that everyone who sees this retweets my tweet so it gets around as quickly as possible.

I want the date set in stone so we can start planning the actual event.

Please vote on all dates that you WILL (not can, but WILL) attend. Thanks! Let's rock this picnic out.

(Thank you to Ilaine for the work she has done so far.)

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Although I love the idea of a Chopped competition, I wonder if this will be a good venue for it..  Maybe a country fair type competition instead for a few categories of foods?  Just a thought. 

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