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Appreciation For My Friend Kevin


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Today I got an e-mail from a former boss.... my good friend Kevin died in a motor cycle accident yesterday. He leaves three kids and a great wife. I will surely miss him.

I remembered the first day I met him.... I was interviewing him for a wine specialist position at Whole Foods. Here was this punk kid with a shaved head, death's head tattoos on his arm wearing a Ridge Montebello tee shirt. He spoke a language I barely understood although it seemed to use English words I was familiar with. He had a tongue stud. I hired him on the spot and the store manager thought I was insane. Year later he was a recognized leader at Whole Foods. I will miss him.

I can only describe him in the words I remember him describing my favorite wine (and his) Ridge Montebello... "It’s like… too much, man, wild... like... I mean..."

Yeah Kevin, I know what you mean. I just hope they have Ridge Montebello 1974 on the wine list where ever you are now!!!

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Thanks all. I hope thet when I am gone, someonce can say, as I have yesterday that the tears in my eyes we from the joy of knowing Kevin and not just the anger at his loss.
Sometimes it's a question of being the right person at the right place at the right time to truly give your friend a proper memorial.
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Dean, your ability to look past his exterior and the generalizations most people make and see his potential is to be commended. It is an example many could learn from. I hope you take comfort in knowing you gave him a chance to shine when other did not want to.

I don't care what anyone says - this is why this website is here. The day one of our valued members can't lament the loss of a loved one is the day that this website has diminished in value.
I think we all needed to "hear" this. This site was created because of the people: to celebrate together, to drink and dine together, and to support one another. Thank you for the reminder.
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