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A Burrito Is Not A Sandwich


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freakin' Massachusetts judges. :) I think it's safe to say that Panera's lawyers have already rewritten their stock contracts and will be renegotiating the existing ones all across the country - rapido speedo.
Freakin' ungrateful strip mall owners. The nerve, trying to rent a vacant space to a potential competitor of an existing tenant.
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freakin' Massachusetts judges. :)
Hey hey hey. It's only thanks to those same enlightened judges that two hot dog stands and/or taco joints are finally able to legally operate jointly from a single domestic premises, at least within the confines of this particular jurisdiction.

And more choices are always good for the consumer, right?

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I went to Panera for lunch today. I got something called a panini, but it looked like a sandwhich, but they called it a panini. I was so confused that I couldn't eat my sandwhich, no my panini, no my bread-filling thing, for 30 minutes.

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