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Jay's Saloon & Grille, Dive Bar on 10th Street N and N Hudson Street in Clarendon - Closed May 18, 2015

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Joseph's was awesome. Everything in Arlington is turning into a crappy pseudo Irish pub.

At least there's still Jay's Saloon on 10th street.

I'd like to put in a word for Jay's, my favorite dive bar. It is on North 10th Street in Arlington, about two blocks from the Clarendon Metro. It meets many of the dive bar requirements: greasy spoon food, a pool table, and an eclectic group of clients. And of course, it is rare that anyone drinks anything other than beer. I worry about places like Jay's which are in the path of progress as is evidenced by many high rises going up in the area. Still, we can enjoy it while it is there.

To me, the perfect dive bar is Jay's in Clarendon on 10th street behind the main post office. Cheap drafts, so-so food, and a very mixed clientele and, sadly, a lot of cigarette smoke. A lot of these places are dying out, chased by urban progress and replaced by more upscale yuppie bars.

Unfortunately, looks like Jay's days are numbered.

I had alays thought that the owners of Jay's owned the building but it looks like they lease it and it looks like the lease ill expire in December. That is sad because Jay's has alays been the perfect counterpoint to the places near it that are mingling spots for the area's twenty-sometings. I'll have to spend some time in the next few months hoisting a few in honor of Jay and Ann.

Clarendon does have a classic dive bar in Jays' on North Tenth Street. I am not bragging about the food which is cheap and edible but they do have a quite eclectic batch of customers. In an area where everything is upscale cocktail lounge, Jay's is is worth the walk over.

ArlNow reported last month that Jay's is scheduled to close this Monday, May 18, 2015.

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