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Yazuzu, South Adams Morgan - Closed.

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I walked by a new restaurant going in on the south side of Adams Morgan this morning. Just north of U street...I believe the address is 2120 18th St NW, next to The District Line clothing store.

Bright red interior, 8-10 tables max, and small tvs hanging from the ceiling.

Anyone know who is behind this or the type of food being served? The interior looks just a couple weeks from ready.

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mktye just directed my attention to this by Tim Carman at Washington City Paper. I wish people would start linking to these articles when they come online - they're often informative and interesting. Yes, I know it's not an important restaurant, but there's plenty of disk space available here. Cheers, Rocks.

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With three mouths to feed last night and a fridge holding only week-old mashed potatoes, I made the happy discovery that Yazuzu delivers. Thirty minutes and $27 later, the delivery containers were stashed in the recycling bin and the table had a beautiful, perfectly tasty platter with two sliced sandwiches and nine salads. If you're in the neighborhood and in sudden need of a reasonably healthy middle-eastern spread, this stuff's good and fast. Portions are small and nothing is drenched in oil: Two sandwich combos & one side combo was just about right for dinner for three not-particularly-hungry women, so plan accordingly.

In rough order of preference (but really, it doesn't much matter), we had these sides:

Muhammara (hot and sweet red peppers ground with walnuts)

Mujadara (ground lentils and rice)


Hindeeh (braised dandelion with onion)

Salatat Schmander (beets)

Mechoui (spiced roasted strips of peppers and zucchini)

Salatat malouf (minted cabbage, according to the menu; cumin cabbage according to our taste buds)

Laban (cucumber yogurt; went well with the garlicky chicken schwarma)

Persian Cutting Board Salad (eh. cucumbers, tomatoes and onions. eh.)

and these sandwiches, neither with much filling but both lovely when sliced and added to the platter:

Merguez sausage (made in-house)

Chicken schwarma (garlic!)

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