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Alan Rickman (1946-2016), Famed English Actor and Director with a Thirty-Year Career in Film, Theatre, and Television


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I know Alan Rickman best from the Sweeney Todd movie, and although I have to agree with deangold that all the stars in that movie have "pop voices," they're fine actors, and the expense involved in lighting, makeup, special effects, etc. must have been enormous. Alan Rickman played a superb Judge Turpin in this film.

For those of you who haven't seen the movie: SPOILER ALERT, POTENTIALLY GRAPHIC VIOLENCE:

And I didn't realize until I'd finished writing this that he had passed - peace to you, sir.

"Alan Rickman, Giant of British Film and Theatre, Dies at 69" on theguardian.com

Mr. Rickman met his lifetime mate, Rima Horton, when he was 19, and they've been together since 1977 - fully 38 years. (In my eyes, there is no greater achievement than this.)

04/23/15 - "Alan Rickman, 69, has 'Secretly Wed Partner Rima Horton 50 Years After They First Met'" by Colette Fahy on dailymail.co.uk

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