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Napoli Pasta Bar, Owner Antonia Ferraro's Fine Neighborhood Italian in Columbia Heights

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I was just checking to see which restaurants are available on Reserve, and I saw Napoli Pasta Bar.

The website states:  First-time restaurant owner, Antonio Ferraro, came to Washington from Vico Equense, a city of Naples, Italy, in 2006. After many years managing some of the finest Italian restaurants in the District, he's now realizing his dream of opening his own to bring the flavors of the Sorrento Coast to Washington.

This place is just too out of the way for me to wreck my diet for without knowing about its quality.  Anyone been?

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Napoli Pasta Bar in Columbia Heights is a cozy and affordable neighborhood gem. Michelin recently named it a Bib Gourmand restaurant, and based on my first visit, this designation is well-deserved.


I started with a cocktail,  the "Ischia" (apricot and rosemary infused gin, earl grey cocchi americano, and aperol). Creative and refreshing, it was only $10. My dinner companion ordered a Moretti beer for $6. Forgettable bread was offered in a charming blue colander, served with olive oil on the restaurant's whimsical dinnerware.


We enjoyed our drinks with two wonderful appetizers: "Millefoglie di Baccala" (layers of marinated cod, buffalo mozzarella with arugula, EVOO and balsamic, $14), and "Carpaccio di Manzo Pepato" (beef carpaccio, marinated zucchini and shaved parmigiano cheese, $12). Both dishes were generously-sized and delicious. The cod salad was perfectly dressed, and the carpaccio dish was outstanding, a true bargain at $12.


Next, we shared two pasta dishes: Paccheri 'O Rrau" (paccheri, slow-cooked meat and tomato sauce, parmigiano cheese and basil, $19), and "Gnocchi Sorrentina" (potato gnocchi, tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil, $16). These dishes featured rich, lovely sauces. The pasta didn't taste house-made, but it was satisfying nonetheless.


A bottle of "Calpazio" (a Greco from the region of Paestum, $40) completed our meal. We sipped this with our dessert, a Ricotta Cheesecake ($10),  the perfect ending to a delightful meal. Our bill came to $140--quite reasonable considering we had a $40 bottle of wine, two appetizers, two entrees and a dessert.


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5 hours ago, DIShGo said:

"Carpaccio di Manzo Pepato" (beef carpaccio, marinated zucchini and shaved parmigiano cheese, $12) ... the carpaccio dish was outstanding, a true bargain at $12.


I'm not sure if this picture captures the dish, but for $12, the beef carpaccio was the dish of the night. If I had one criticism of the dish, it was that the beef was cut too thick, which is the kind of criticism you're looking for.

Even though it's not veal, they could make a wicked Vitello Tonato with this.

Spread the world about Napoli Pasta Bar - it's a great neighborhood restaurant that any city could use more of.

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