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18 hours ago, Pink Mom said:

Hi where is the best place to eat Branzino in Maryland or DC?

That is direct but vague on the details. If you have an unlimited budget, it is hard to go wrong with going to Fiola Mare (as you indicated seafood). If not, some idea of what is an acceptable budget and what you look for in a dining experience would be helpful in order to suggest something that might fit what you are looking for.

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Pink Mom, you need access to the Dining Guide - please write me. You'll be able to find things such as (this is about 1% of the Dining Guide) - get your 10 posts finished):

To Eat

Alaskan King Crab // All You Can Eat Sushi // Asian Dumplings // Bagels // Bagels with Cream Cheese // Baingan Mirchi Ka Salan // Banh Mi // Barbecue // Bone Marrow // Boudin Noir // Bouillabaisse // Braciole //  Branzino // Bread // Brussels Sprouts // Buffalo Wings // Bún Chả

With regards to Branzino, think "Fish" and "Italian," in other words, start with the Trabocchi Restaurant Group.

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