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White Tiger, Indian on Massachusetts Avenue and 3rd Street NE - Closed

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I've lived on the Hill for about a year and a half now, and last night was the second time I have ever eaten at White Tiger. Both of my meals there have been good, but the service both times was atrocious. Just very very very slow to have orders taken, receive meals, get check, etc. But since it's one of only a few restaurants in the neighborhood, I will likely be back.

Three of us started with an order of Naan (a little crispy for my taste, but not bad) and an order of Paneer Mushroom Shaslik (Skewered chunks of farmers cheese, mushrooms, onions and bell peppers flavored with fresh ground spices and cooked in the tandoor). I actually really enjoyed this simple app with the two dipping sauces (one red and one green and I could not for the life of me tell you what they are). Plenty for three of us to share before our entrees arrived.

I had the Murg Makhani (house special of tandoor chicken sauteed in a tomato based sace) and although I would have liked it a little spicier, I still managed to finish it off even though I was stuffed. One of my friends said it was too "Italian" (read: tomatoey) for her. Our favorite dish at the table was the Pepper Chettinad Varuval (chicken cooked with black pepper and spices). This was the spiciest of the table and I think I would get this next time I go back. The third friend got a lamb dish that I can't remember. I liked the sauce on hers, but since I don't usually eat lamb, I didn't try too much.

All of us left stuffed for not a ton of money. Is it the best Indian in the city? Of course not. Would I go back? Yep. Would I make sure I had plenty of time and didn't have to rush anywhere afterwards? You know it.

I'm actually headed to Rasika tonight for the first time, so we'll see what kind of comparison that draws!

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I'm actually headed to Rasika tonight for the first time, so we'll see what kind of comparison that draws!

It's no comparison at all! Rasika is great... White Tiger... well they have outdoor seating available and aren't going to be packed when La Loma has no outdoor seats across the street.

On the hill, I much prefer Capitol Hill Tandoor & Grill on 8th St SE for moderately priced Indian.

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