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Lunch with an Infant


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I need dining ideas!

I need a baby-friendly lunch option in DC on Friday.

It will be two plus BLBaby. We are going to Central for dinner without the baby that night. Other dining plans for the weekend include either Palena or RTC.

Friend is game for most anything except Indian or mussels.

I want to stay in town as she is going to the Holoacust Museum after lunch.

I would have just gone to Corduroy but Tom Power didn't check my schedule before planning his move.



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Why not the cafe at the National Museum of the American Indian? I have been with tons of friends and their kids, infants to toddlers. Seriously, they have the best chicken fingers in the city for future reference.

Or even the new cafe at the American Art Museum... it is completely kid friendly as the atrium was designed to be an inside park.

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Another one may be the bar at PS7. It is separated from the restaurant and is rather dead during the day. Great lunch deals too. Or Oyamel, or Mitsisam at the Indian Museum. There's always Teaism. I'll keep thinking . . .

And, I would love to hear any other ideas people have, for dinner as well. The Four Points was so convenient; alas.

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Thanks for the ideas-- I passed them on to my friend and she is leaning toward Jaleo. My personal choice as well as the menu includes items that BLBaby has already tried so he can have table food.

Other baby friendly dining:

Central--though the sinks make a terrible changing pad. The staff never blinks when we arrive.

More when my brain is functioning...

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I need advice for where to take my 2-year-old on Saturday the 17th. We can eat dinner early, but not before 5:30pm, and it MUST be a place we can make a reservation. My son has about a 1 hour tolerance for being in a restaurant and I'm unwilling to squander it waiting for a table. I've done the Jose Andres restaurants too many times to count, and I've been to Central twice, so I'm looking for another option. Extra bonus points for places near Dupont Circle, places with parking, or places on OpenTable.

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