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Bay 'n Surf, Old School Seafood with Cream of Crab Soup in Laurel - Closed

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A friend of mine who used to go here often as a child asked me today if it is still open.

I did a bit of research and found one source that stated that the place has been closed since February 2008, and is moving out of Laurel.

Does anyone have any further information as to the disposition of Bay 'n Surf?

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News article in local paper states restaurant (closed since Feb. '07 fire) will not be reopening at current location but that owner is looking for new location "no further than 30 minutes away." Bay 'N' Surf Won't Reopen in Laurel: Laurel Leader

I think it's safe to say it's not reopening. :)

Here's an April, 2012 article from the "Lost Laurel" blog giving some of the restaurant's history.

And apparently, the closed restaurant had an arson fire set earlier this year.

My parents thought it was a real treat to go to the Bay 'n Surf - their Cream of Crab Soup was really tasty (with a pack of oyster crackers dumped in, of course).

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