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  1. I used to get crabs regularly at the Wheaton Seafood in the Buff, but that was a few years ago. They might steam fresh on the weekends, but when I'd go after work, they would re-heat cooked crabs in some sort of steam cabinet (yes, you'd get a few overcooked crabs in each dozen). Now I make the run up to Frank's Seafood at the wholesale market in Jessup. They often have cold cooked #2 males, which they call $1 crabs and I call "lunch".
  2. The Mezzanine seating sections are on the same level as the Club sections. The Club section is closed off from the peons, but the Mezzanine isn't. We always buy our tickets in the LF Mezzanine section - the (few) concession stands and bathrooms seem quieter there, and it's a great vantage point for watching Zimm. I'm looking forward to the new Meyer spots, but I still miss Mayorga's carts. I'm too cheap to eat much at the park, but I'm always ready to shell out for hot caffeine. We're planning to see the Nats play the Pirates in Pittsburgh later this month. The game will be... well... I hear the food is pretty good at PNC Park.
  3. When my husband worked in the Courthouse area, we'd meet up for dinner at that Silver Diner until we couldn't take the comical service any longer. We still hit the Laurel one regularly, but I've yet to try the new food items. However, I'm pleased to report that they've switched their coffee to Greenberry, and offer a dark roast as well as regular and decaf.
  4. Bah. That's not the finest culinary tool in the Think Geek lineup. This is. If this were a real product I would order a dozen...
  5. Next Sunday at 12:30 sounds good. Yeah, I've missed those carrots...
  6. Rats. Well, is anyone available for weekday dim sum this week?
  7. I don't know why I can't convince the board settings to keep my PMs enabled, gah. But anyway, I'm there.
  8. I thought "The Late Unpleasantness" referred to that part of a Chang-prepared meal where the staff is glaring at you simply because you've licked all the plates clean and there was nothing left but the woven bamboo squares that decorate the roast fish, and they kinda expected the bamboo squares to remain unchewed...
  9. Sunday @ 11:30am sounds groovy. I haven't been back to Silver Fountain for cart dim sum since we went there ages ago for the Dim Sum Comparo, but have been there twice in the past two months for weekday dim sum off the menu. It's no Hollywood East, but on the other hand it was walking distance from my office!
  10. May I take Al Dente's place? My brain is foggy, and a little Sichuan food is necessary to clear things up.
  11. Toan has been my go-to pho place for the last four or five months, and while I've never been the only customer, it's also never been more than 1/4 full. Stopped by for lunch today, a few minutes after 1pm - closed. Hmm. There was no explanatory sign, so I hope this was just another of those emergency closures.
  12. I did a re-con lunch trip to Grace Garden last Tuesday - it remains unpromisingly grubby on the outside, filled with wonders on the inside. After a lunch of braised Hak-Ka tofu, I pre-ordered a tea-smoked duck for Saturday. Five of us showed up to feast on the duck, fish noodles, Pang-ka tofu, shredded beef with black pepper, something with eggplant, sauteed pak choi, and those evil little Chinese doughnuts that you know you shouldn't eat eight of but you do anyway. Grace Garden seems to be back to normal, but I'd better go back this week for another lunch, just to make sure.
  13. I spent yesterday in lovely Charlottesville, gazing longingly at the University of Virginia and having the nice folks at Crutchfield install a spiffy new car stereo in my latte-encrusted Subaru. Across the street from Crutchfield is Taste of China, so of course I had to have lunch while waiting. The dining room was half-full, and I was pleased to overhear the other diners ordering the non-Americanized options. No rabbit on the menu, and I don't recall any lamb. The Chung Qing chicken sounded like what was called Country Young Chicken at China Star, but I couldn't resist his classic Roast Fish with Green Onion. He is indeed still using the bamboo structures. Tuesdays might be his day off, but his crew appears to be properly trained. I'd love to explore the menu with a group, but it's not worth a 5 hour round-trip drive as a solo diner. Not unless I bring a cooler, anyway. That chicken dish was always better the next day...
  14. It's $2.35 for off-peak hours. Still seems a bit hefty. 11:30am Eastern standard time sounds good.
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