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  1. Peters Inn is one of the best places I have ever been in Baltimore . The owners are also great. It always reminds me of the little italian trattoria
  2. And dont forget to shell out 4.50 for a doughnut on weekends. Last I checked a doughnut wasn't made out of the other 'dough' . Not to mention the fact that it will give you the sugar shock of your life.No need to eat for the day. And did I mention it is 4.50 $ . Just like in the olden days ,inflation adjusted of course
  3. Went for a drink and a small snack of callamari and the burratta bruschetta ,both delicious. I actually liked it. I liked the the low key feeling and the genuine welcoming of the bartender. What is that huge antenna thingy ?
  4. I went . I will not elaborate ,but what's with the workers 'uniforms" style? Is it suppose to convey something that adds to the food's experience? Something in between a hip Amish and a commune ? There is already a burger place on Falls, McCabes .Is there need for another ? A cocktail place on the Avenue? This seems to be the trend in Baltimore .We have the Wolf/Foreman empire and then the whoever owns most of the businesses on Cold Spring( sghetti ,the now a block long Ms.Shirleys and so on ) and now Woodberry.
  5. How about the weekend after the 4 th? I wont be in town. There can also be more than one one meetups. I do want to go at the Market resto in Hampden and it does look like a good place to be the more the marrier
  6. How about we check out the Food Market that just opened in Hampden? I met the chef/co-owner this morning and he seemed like a very nice guy. And the food sounds good too.
  7. Has there ever been a get together of people who frequent here? It might be a bit awkward in the beginning but it might also be interesting if it works out.
  8. I usually end up liking places for very specific reasons.Say,Dona's cafe at Cross Keys .I like it for ,the terrace ,the goat dish that is perfect for lunch along with a nice cold beer . I have tried other things there but I have come to realize that I only go there when I am in the mood for the reasons mentioned. Mc Cabe's in Falls ,the burger and yes a nice cold beer . Centro Tapas .We go there but not too often as it does get expensive if you want to actually eat enough.But I do like it ,good tapas and good wine . This was just off the top of my head.This places are not necessarily the b
  9. that sounds good although a bit similar to 13.5 .At least so it looked inside when I walked in the other day. I like the open kitchen .My only worry is that maybe Hampden is getting a little too congested in places that serve food. I guess the silver lining will be that only the best will make it Something is opening at the Petit Louis ,the side area of the building oposite to the Fire House .Any idea what it is ?
  10. I haven't been at WK in a few months .I guess I will have to give it another try. I am not going to say anything about the 16$ flat bread aka mini pizza.
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