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Jimmy's Old Town Tavern, the Cirrito Family on Elden and Spring Streets in Herndon

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There was this awesome article on poutine in New York restaurants. Are there any places around here that do them? If not, any way we could force one of the bazillion bistro-type places that just opened up to serve these little cholesterol bombs?

A two-year old post on CH said Jimmy's in Herndon had poutine.



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I like Jimmy's -- they dragged some upstate New York faves with them, such as a bizarre devotion to the Bills and the roast beef on weck. You can get the beef on weck with a side of poutine and the four pound bread pudding and then crawl over into the Herndon portion of the W&OD for someone to run you over with a bike and kill you before your heart does.

No garbage plate, though! That's... for the best, actually.


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I am a fan of Jimmy's also (although by saying so, I am probably ruining whatever credibility I might have on this site, particularly on the current Kinship thread). I have not had true Canadian poutine, but Jimmy's seems to get very close to what I have heard described. Beef on Weck, good; Philly Cheesesteak (this is close to some I have had in Philly). Just wish they would start caving in and putting a microbrew or two on tap.

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Wings are great here.  Its a neighborhood bar owned and supported by mostly locals.  They do a ton of charity work for local charities and are very involved. 

Though location in the center of town, and on a corner, parking is where you can find it.

Only been here a few times, but the Beef on Weck and wings with cold beer were as expected.  If you want to support a locally owned (there are not many), establishment with good food, check it out.

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