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Lunch for Twelve in Vienna


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Hi all

A group of 12 of us plan to have a Saturday lunch soon, after which we are going to a wine tasting in Vienna. We'd like to go back to Bazin's but they do not have Saturday lunch. Any other likely options for a nice (not spendy, but nice) sit down meal for 12 for lunch? By nice I mean "not Vienna Inn, but not chez Francois either".

Thanks. We were considering Evo Bistro but that's in Mclean and there may be dropouts for the wine tasting in Vienna afterwards (almost Oakton actually).

edit: EVO is also closed for Saturday lunch. Drat.

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My favorite Persian restaurant is Rose Cafe in Vienna, no booze though. Maplewood Grill is a decent place with a varied menu. I'm not too impressed in general though with Vienna. You can go to Monterrey Bay in Tysons for good seafood.

Rose Kabob is a great choice. Next door is Sakana Sushi, which is open for lunch on Saturday's as well. It is a small restaurant, so definitely call to make a reservation.

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I may have gotten here too late to save you!

I would have suggested Cafe Renaissance, and you could have taken over the side room all to yourself, had an overall better experience than at Bazin's (be prepared to shout to be heard at Bazin's) and the food is just as good, maybe even a notch better. Soraya and Saeed would have treated you like royalty and Ocean would have created a feast for you. And a few doors down is the Vienna Vintner, where Vic is one of the most knowledgeable wine experts in northern Virginia, and would have created a wonderful tasting for you.

Bazin's is "pretty good" but Cafe Renaissance is "an unforgettable experience."

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