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Dinner for Twelve on Saturday in Virgina


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I'm looking for any input on a place that can host a dinner for twelve adults (and a coupla babies) on a Saturday evening. The party seems a bit too small to get a private room, but a bit too big just to plop down in the middle of a restaurant. Or maybe I'm wrong on this and places do have rooms for parties this small? I dunno. Anyway, something private or out of the way within the resaurant would be ideal to facilitate mingling, etc.

Looking for a cheap to moderate price point (e.g., decent bar food would be fine) and pretty accessible food - nothing too crazy. People will probably prefer to spend any extra money on booze, rather than food. Would prefer a place in NoVa and/or that is accessible by metro.

Any thoughts? Thanks!

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Liberty Tavern did a birthday dinner for me and we had the big banquet in the back for 10? Pretty moderate prices as the portions are big. Metro accessible.

I think Sette Bello and Harry's Tap Room might be places to check out too, they might have private rooms for small groups.

I know Cafe Asia sometimes puts big parties in the back room which is huge, they normally have a good amount of space between the tables so if they put multiple groups it isn't too bad?

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We just opened a new restaurant two blocks from the Dupont Circle metro and we have an eighteen-seat communal table that might work for appetizers and drinks. If you like you can check out the menus at www.eoladc.com. We do not, however, have any high chairs available but it might be at least another option for you.

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