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Blob's Park Bavarian Beer Garden, Max Blop's Gathering Place on Blob's Park Road in Jessup - Closed and Demolished

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Down an out of the way road in Jessup, a group of friends and I had a fun evening at Blob's Park Bavarian Beer Garden last night.

I had heard stories of this place for some time. A few of my childhood friends' parents used to got here for literal buckets of beer and dancing when I was growing up in the area.

The space is huge, designed to seat 800 people. We were lucky to have the evening's band be Steve Meisner and his polka band from Madison, WI.

There are regulars to this place, their tables marked with wood plaques engraved with their names. There were a lot of families with children running around.

We ordered pitchers of Spaten pils and octoberfest to start- no more buckets. Too bad.

We then got several appetizers including their pork wings, sausage plates, and very salty Bavarian radishes. I had a weisswurst plate, and then a taste of their German chocolate cake. While the cuisine was not stellar, the atmosphere was the real draw. The polka band started up at 8, and was greeted by a line of regulars who stood in front playing instruments like tambourine and washboards to the first song. Then everyone danced polka or western swing or whatever to the night's sets of music.

It felt like night in the Midwest again.

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Blob's has never been know for their cuisine, except for the fact that there is a fair bit of authentic German food served. Not stellar food, but German food. Great selection of German beers in bottles and usually at least two on tap. The atmosphere is certainly the draw at Blob's, as mentioned above. It's a great place to people-watch and/or dance. The last time I was there, a few years ago, my friends and I got way too drunk making boilermakers using Barenjager and some sort of German Helles. No, this was not sanctioned by Blob's. And no, I don't think I'd do it again. I couldn't drive home and thankfully Mrs. DrXmus wasn't as far gone so she drove. We had a flat on the beltway and somehow I managed to change the tire. Considering the world was spinning as much as a tire on a car would, I'm amazed the spare didn't fall off on the trip home.

I love Blob's Park! Good times...good times.

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Went here last night to celebrate my impending birthday. I wish the food were better, but overall it's a fun experience.

Warsteiner Dunkel and Octoberfest, both on tap were well received (and at $15/pitcher reasonably priced). They have a really large selection of beers, including imports and microbrews.

The food could be so much better, which makes me sad, but the meats are good. The sausage bites appetizer is a plentiful portion of 4 sausages cut up into bites and served with mustard. All of the sausages were good, the kielbasa was my favorite. I ordered the smoked pork loin, which came with potato salad and red cabbage and a friend had the jaegerschnitzel with sauerkraut and dumplings. I didn't taste the kraut, but the dumplings were inedible, the potato salad boring, even the cabbage was bad (how can you screw up red cabbage?). But, the pork loin - 2 large boneless chops - were appropriately smokey and juicy (even upon reheating) and the jaegerschnitzel was crispy and delicious with a good amount of mushroom gravy on top. Cucumber salad app was sub par, the cold cut platter and cheese plate had hits and misses. The 2 people who ordered sandwiches liked what they got.

Overall, I would say meats are good, everything else is meh, but portions are ample for the price. When you add that to good beer and an awesome atmosphere, it's worth the visit.

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