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Bangkok One, Americanized Thai on 14th and K Street Downtown - Closed

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I have eaten at Bangkok One numerous times over the past decade, and not seeing it in the Dining Guide, I'm giving it a write-up for the sake of completeness.

For its reasonable prices, I'm somewhat surprised it has enjoyed such longevity in such a prime location. It's not like there isn't any competition in the area, with DC Coast almost next door and Pret a Manger right across the street, not to mention a variety of food carts and eateries on K St and up 15th. Nonetheless, it stands like a little statue in its prime location, and judging by the packed house at lunch today, it will be here for quite a while.

Its longevity has little to do with its food. This is basic Americanized Thai food, and not all that well prepared either. The menu is somewhat limited, as compared to the Thai favorites around the metropolitan area, and the options are uninspiring. Spiciness is muted to American tastes. Its longevity has little to do with its decor too....the place is dreary on the inside, but the inviting chrome-like exterior is eye-catching.


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