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Rehearsal Dinner / Cocktail Hour


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So I'm getting married on Columbus Day weekend (Oct 7, 2012) and am beginning to look into reserving a space for a rehearsal dinner for the evening before. The catch here is that, b/c we have such a large out of town crowd, we are looking on doing a more casual "cocktail hour" type event for about 100. Ideally 2-3 hours of passed apps with wine / beer where folks can mingle and meet one another.

As the wedding is at the Carnegie Institution (and people are staying at the Doubletree / Mayflower), I'd like to try and keep it in the downtown / dupont / White House / Capital Building areas with a budget of around 5k (with flexibility if the place really blows me away). Somewhere with a view or a terrace is probably preferred but again, I'm open to anything. In trying to come up with some ideas myself, the best I can do is:

-Mortons on Connecticut - outdoor terrace

-Old Ebbitt Grill - Rooftop terrace

Any advice or thoughts from the members of the forum would really be appreciated.

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While having dinner at Equinox years ago, I saw a private cocktail-type event going on, spilling out onto the patio, and I thought it looked like a great spot for that kind of an event. It must have made quite an impression on me, because it's the first thing I thought of when I saw this question. I don't know how closely it suits your requirements, but this is their private dining page.

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Just to follow up, we ended up booking Old Ebbitt's rooftop. The view is truly stunning and it can easily handle the size group (100) that we're bringing.

The event is in October and I'll be sure to post my experience once it's wrapped up.

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