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Great Cocktails and Good Dining - DC to Bethesda


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I suspect I know the answer to this already. But...

Dinner for 3 on a Friday night. We'll already be in the city and will eventually need to be in Bethesda by 9 pm to pick up the kid.

Friend is visiting from out of town. She wants excellent cocktails and very good dining. We have done the Columbia Room a few times and loved it but she really wants the cocktail and the dinner at the same time.

My first thoughts are Proof and Estadio.

My next thought was Bar Pilar but the cocktails did wow me on my last visit and Mr. BLB will HATE the tables.

Proof gets bonus points because somehow we've never taken her there. We seem to be caught in a Central, Againn, Columbia Room, Estadio loop.

Am I missing some place obvious and wonderful?


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You have a bunch of great options, and can't really go wrong, but given how great gina's cocktails at ps 7 are, and how much fun it is to eat in the lounge, i'd put that at the top of the list (i must admit that i've only eaten the flatbreads, which are really great, but my carniverous friends really enjoy the food).

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