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Mama Chuy, Taqueria in Columbia Heights - Chef-Owner Joe (and GM Dinora) Orozco on Georgia Avenue and Fairmont Street - Closed

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No word on this place? It was on Kliman's short list a month or so ago but feedback/reviews other than that have been few and far between. What I've heard from friends has been very good but I know the bar isn't exactly high when it comes to Mexican food in DC. Anyone been?

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I've been a few times.

This place is really good, especially in the context of DC's generally weak Mexican food scene.

The carnitas are a real strong point - would recommend the sopes over the tacos. They make a legit chile relleno with a brown mole sauce.

Consistently good guacamole too. And their salsas (good but not great) and chips are both clearly made fresh on site.

I'd recommend going right when they open for lunch when it's quiet, You can really taste the freshness of the chips and masa base of the sopes. And the service will better (will be slow if its crowded).

Good, cheap Mexican food - what's not to like.

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Any word about Mama Chuy in Park View?

They haven't update their Twitter account since Jul 31, 2014.

They haven't updated their Facebook page since Mar 4, 2015.

Their webpage is down.

There seems to be some more current Yelp reviews, but I don't know if I can trust them.

2620 Georgia Avenue is on the market.

This is not related to the rather massive Tex-Mex restaurant in Fairfax called Chuy's, correct?

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I've never been to Mama Chuy, but I don't think it has anything to do with Chuy's, which is part of what's become a large Tex-Mex chain that started in Austin. People from Texas looooove Chuy's. There are Chuy's in Springfield and Richmond, too, plus a bunch of other locations, mostly in the South but also in Ohio.

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