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Client Dinner on Capitol Hill


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I'm looking for recommendations. Not sure what they want to spend, so I'd love to see low-, mid-, and upper-ranges. :)

Thanks so much you wonderful people.

The more detailed information you can give, the better-honed your replies will be. Can you estimate party size, formality, noise requirements, food sensitivities, time of day, private room, etc.? Bullet points are all we need.

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Higher end joints:

Bistro Bis

Johnny's Half Shell

Charlie Palmer steak

I agree on these, and...

Low end:

wing night at the Cap Lounge

hahahaha :D

If you don't mind going a little eastward, in the mid range, you might consider Senart's on Barracks Row. In my recent times there, I've noticed that there is not as big a demand for tables inside as I would think. This also brings up the question if you want to be inside or outside.

I like Acqua Al 2 enough, but it's hard to know if that would really work for your group (and that's pushing the price up for what you get). The group dinner I had there six months ago worked out pretty well. They put us with one other party in a semi-private room.

In the lower price range and ethnic, Ethiopic.

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How many in the party? 3-4 Formal/casual? Casual Noise level? Medium Any food sensitivities/allergies? No seafood Do you need a private room? No

The no seafood rules out Senart's but Ethiopic would work. If you don't care about space between tables, you could look at Montmarte and Belga, but the tables at both are pretty close together, and Belga ranks higher than medium on the noise scale (plus lots of mussels).

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Don't forget the north - I've heard positive things about Art and Soul lately, Johnny's Half Shell is bustling, Bistro Bis is fantastic (but pricey), and Bistro Cacao is kind of fun. Montmartre might be a good call, but depending on your comfort level, it can be a bit cramped and noisy. I was lambasted a few months ago over my high placement of Chesapeake Room in the Dining Guide - I can't remember who it was, but it was someone I took seriously, and the comment has stuck in my head. Has anyone been to Zest recently?

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