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Vigilante Coffee, Chris Vigilante's Hyattsville Roastery Also Available at Several Independent Retailers

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Time to start a topic under DC Dining for Vigilante Coffee since they have been serving coffee for around a year in pop-up formats and have been at the Hogo location since March, 2013. They'll have their own enduring outpost at Maketto which will be opening....er...sometime soon...I guess.   ;)

First, makes sense to link to the topic already established under Shopping & Cooking. Will leave to the Mods whether best to combine the two topics here since, as a still-relatively-new and smaller roaster/retailer, Vigilante would be more consistent with how Caffe Amouri and Qualia are categorized here on DR.com.

I was in to the Hogo pop-up earlier this week for my first visit.  Five coffees were displayed in jars on the counter and available for pourovers using Kalita Wave Drippers.  I had the "Maui Mocha" which the server told me was the "world's smallest bean." Indeed it was small but tough to verify that claim for any who'd care to challenge it (not me). Vigilante has a distinctive Hawaiian focus explained fully on the website (link in the first sentence just above).

The Maui coffee was fairly smooth and lower acidity but still with nice body. I enjoyed it.  They also had two from Central America (El Salvador and Guatemala), a Columbian and Jamaican Blue.

They have a very basic espresso setup (Simonetti machine). I'd guess espresso drinks aren't the thing to get here though they are planning a full, Marzocco-enabled espresso operation at Maketto so that'll be the time to take that plunge.

Typical baked good assortment. Not sure about WiFi since this is a bar/restaurant by night.

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Have you had the flat white at Filter? Their equipment and staff are much more optimized around espresso drinks of all types and they're one of the only serious shops that have been doing flat whites continuously on the menu.

I did try the flat white at Filter some time ago. I didn't like it much. Unfortunately, I can't remember now what I didn't like about it, but I just remember not being impressed.

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Hey Guys, 

I can tell by the quality of comments and shops mentioned that you guys appreciate good coffee. If you haven't already, check out Vigilante Coffee. We were rated best coffee shop in DC by Washington Post for 2016. We have a small roastery in Hyattsville and our coffee is featured in places like Maketto on H Street. In our roastery we host many different cupping, brewing and latte art classes.

We regularly feature coffee we've sourced direct from the farm. Last month we were in Kenya and visited Indonesia in January. We're excited about the upcoming summer season to introduce our NitroBrew Cold Brew. Feel free to check out our shop or order a subscription online!



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Thanks for all the support here guys! Just wanted to drop a quick link to let you know if you're interested in trying our coffee, but can't find it near you you can order a coffee subscription directly from our website. 

Definitely give us a shot if you haven't already as we just got back from competing in the National Coffee Championship where we took 5th place in the Roasting Competition!

Also, we just put out our cold brew lineup featuring some great drink options for summer. Stop by our shop or a farmers market to try us out. 

If you have any questions about us providing coffee at your event or for your office reach out at beans@vigilantecoffee.com

Cold Brew Iced Coffee.jpg

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