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dr.com Dinner at Kogiya in Annandale, Thursday May 16th at 5:30 PM


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This restaurant is new, & getting pretty good reviews-would anyone be interested in meeting for lunch or dinner there sometime in the next few weeks? I don't eat a lot of Korean BBQ, but they're running an AYCE special w/ fatty brisket (chadol bakgi), 3 layered pork belly (sam kyup sal), spicy pork belly (jang sam gyup sal), miso pork, & spicy chicken (dak galbi), & 'the works'-steamed egg, soup, sides, & rice, noodles, or rice cakes for $18.99 (Or $27.99 w/ that, plus intestines). I'd also like to try some of the soups, cold noodles, & haemul jun.


Monavano + Mr. MV.

The Kogiya thread is here.

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Just remember if one person orders the all you can eat option, the whole table has to do the same. Parking sucks (to be generous). You might find space at the lot next door (I'm not certain how legal that is, but it works). If you find something you like (and you're doing the AYCE option), order it for the whole table or you'll get an order for one person. Banchan runs from okay to really good. Most of the servers speak English so you shouldn't have a problem being understood.

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I'll be going this Thursday, May 16th, at 5:30, (+1, my teenage son)-anyone who would like to join us, please do so. I don't think they take reservations, but I'll try to hold some tables close together, if possible. Iolaire, I know this date doesn't work for you, but we can set up another date later, for others who can't make it on Thursday. It looks like fun, & I hope someone comes who knows how to man a tabletop grill better than I do...

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