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Restaurants with Direct Garage Access


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I'm really really wimpy about the cold weather.  During the winter, I will actually choose a restaurant based on whether I can park in the garage and go into the restaurant WITHOUT stepping outside.

I thought about posting a Help Needed topic for a list of restaurants where I won't have to go outside.  But I felt silly.  But then I saw that Destruya posted this about BJ's Restaurant:

Location: 8027 Leesburg Pike (same building that used to house the Tyson's Borders and Filene's Basement.  Accessible via elevator to the first floor via free underground parking.


Final verdict?  This place is going to do *massive* business going into the cold months, and not only because the food is rather decent.  Underground parking coupled with elevator access gives this place a 'plus,' as no one likes parking in an icy/slushy exposed parking lot and risking a sprained ankle to spend 50 bucks on dinner.  That being said, one of the location's best advantages is also one of its greatest annoyances - sharing the building with Nordstrom Rack ensures the parking spaces near the elevators on "P1" will always be highly-trafficked, greatly increasing the chance of fender-benders and door scrapes.  My advice is to park one floor down on P2 and avoid the retail shoppers like the plague.


So I decided to go ahead and post. :)

I know of the following restaurants where I can park in the garage and not step outside to enter the restaurant:

Pizzeria Orso (free parking)



Meiwah at Friendship Heights

Restaurants in Pentagon City Mall

Restaurants in Tysons Corner Mall (free parking)

BJ's Restaurant (thanks to Destruya)

Any others?

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