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Kochix, Korean Chicken Bar with Korean Fried Chicken at 4th and Florida Avenue in Bloomingdale

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Kochix is a tiny little, mainly takeaway (there are two bar stools and a counter) Korean fried chicken joint in that opened up about a month ago in the space that used to be Arthur Treacher's.  As far as I know this is the only Korean fried chicken in DC proper (Is that right?).  On our first visit tonight we got a medium combo order (7 wings and 4 drums), half spicy and half sweet soy, and a bulgogi.

In texture, the chicken is closer to American style wings than what I've come to know as KFC through Bon Chon (comparisons to Bon Chon are going to be inevitable with this place, and that's not going to work in their favor) -- the skin gives way with a slight crunch, but nothing like the crispy "shell" Bon Chon provides.  The glazes feel like they were applied outside rather than integrated into the batter, if that makes any sense. Both flavors are sweeter than the Bon Chon equivalents, and the spicy is not as spicy.  These are not bad chicken wings on their own merits, but again, it's just very hard not to make the BC comparison.

Bulgogi was downtown steamtable variety lunch spot quality (is there a name for those places? the sort that have 50 different lunch options, from southern bbq and collard greens, to sushi and bulgogi?)

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Is that the location of the Arthur Treachers that also advertised Bulgogi, even when it was still Treachers? I just showed that pic to a friend of mine who did peace corps in Korea years ago. I'll have to let him know that it is now a fully Korean restaurant.

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