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Ahra Cafe - GM Kelly Park's Breakfast and Lunch Cafe at Wilson Boulevard and N. Lynn Street in Rosslyn

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As noted elsewhere Rosslyn is a wasteland for dining.  Along with another thread about a hidden better higher value lunch alternative there is Ahra Cafe located at 1100 Wilson Boulevard in the Twin Towers Building with Channel 8 on the ground level off the lobby.

Ahra is only open for breakfast and lunch on weekdays and has no outdoor signage.  Their breakfasts and lunches are hearty and offer good value for the price.  Ahra's specialties are slow roasted turkey, ham, roast beef and brisket sandwiches.  They are hearty, large, and accompanied by a wide variety of extras.   They offer great value for the price and a cut above the world of chains that proliferate in that wasteland.

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Here is one more nice thing about Ahra Cafe, and/or its location.  Ahra doesn't have free wifi but the building does.  The cafe is an interior location inside the large 1100 Wilson Boulevard building.  The lobby is huge and its the entrance to Channel 8.  The lobby includes flat screen TV's,  tables chairs, electric outlets on the building columns and free wifi provided by the building.  Ahra is on one side and an interior entrance to CVS is on the other.  That means a lot of food opportunities.  ;).  I like Ahra's coffee, its fresh roasted sandwiches are superior and the staff is friendly and always smiling.

Too bad there is no interior first floor bathroom.   :(

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