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Sushi Keiko - Japanese in The Former Sushi Ko Space in Glover Park

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Koji is the chef at Sushi Keiko and it feels like old times. The Flounder Carpaccio is as good as it ever was. Koji's sushi rice has a firmness and separates in a way that is very much to my taste. I am very happy to have Koji working on Sunday nights again.

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Wish it were so -- I just tried again and they confirmed he wasn't working there.  

Is he the next Peter Chang, "the disappearing-reappearing elsewhere" chef?

No. I heard from Koji, and the "vacation" was not his idea.

Depending on the owners' whims, and whether or not Koji wants to deal with this situation, he might be back in September. Or not.

The owners (Wei and Min Zhang) need to realize how much stronger Sushi Keiko's reputation would be with Koji at the helm, and if they fail to realize that, it will come at their own peril. They are more than welcome to come here and post their thoughts.

Downgraded in the Dining Guide pending resolution of this situation.


(Jeff Jackson is a former ABRA investigator now doing consulting work for restaurants.)

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