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Sawatdee, Thai at 2250 Clarendon Blvd. near Courthouse Metro

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After years of not having a meal at Sawatdee I finally made it the other afternoon for a late lunch.  Alone, I had one main dish with a coke...not enough variety to give a significant review.  But the single dish was tasty, mildly spiced and frankly way too much for me for lunch.  Left me wanting a long nap.

Chicken with mango sauce.  Mildly spicy, a reasonably healthy amt of mango adding its tang, all on white rice.   I'll be back.  The interior was upgraded about 2 years ago.  Its got to be a popular restaurant in the region among regulars having survived so long in what is a hidden lousy location.  Worth more visits IMHO.

From my perspective the only downside is there is no separate lunch menu, meaning portions are dinner sized...and of such size that it leaves me wanting a nap.   Not a bad thing...but not a good thing for being productive for the rest of the afternoon.   ;)

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I like their pad thai and my husband likes their pad see ew. The Ka Klook (spicy coconut rice) is very good, and definitely on the spicy side for me at least.

I find their tom ka ghai (chicken/coconut/curry soup) a little too oily and spicy for my taste.

It's been a long time, but I used to get their chicken rama -- chicken in a peanut sauce with nicely steamed broccoli on the side. I should get that again. Though the menu now says "mixed vegetables," while online there's a pic with broccoli only.

I like their Thai custard with sweet rice a lot (or with mango, in season).

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