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Miss Shirley's - Breakfast, Lunch, and Brunch in Several Area Locations

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I usually don't got out to breakfast, so I can't answer the question offered above. I can, however, say that breakfast at Miss Shirleys is a tasty, filling experience. I particularly liked the sweet potato fries, and Tripewriter was more than happy with his crab omelet -- lots and lots of crab! The grits were great for me, too rich for Tripewriter, whom I think has determined that he's a simple country boy at heart. The only negative to the experience was the speeding ticket we got on the way home -- $160 for 13 mph over the limit on I-95!!! :mellow: Note to self: no driving in Maryland with Virginia plates at the end of the month...

[NB: Yes, I know that we were, in fact, speeding; however, we were by far -- faaarrrr -- not the fastest people out there, or even near us...just the ones to pull over when the cop's lights went on]

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Thanks for the update. I always worry about expansions: will the new place be as good? will the original maintain its quality if management has to oversee both locations now? etc, etc. We'll just have to cross our fingers.

I love Miss Shirley's. When people come to visit me (especially college friends - I went to school in the south) I like to take them to Shirley's. I usually rotate around the menu (with the coconut creme french toast as a fall back favorite), but I always get those grits: fantastically savory and sweet. If they open for the same hours in the new location, I might be eating there instead of Blue Moon on those days I'm hankering for good food before work. (Then again, that may require a raise).

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We went to the Miss Shirley's in Annapolis (doesn't show up on the Multiple Locations list - probably a third location that was added later) on a colleague's suggestion.  Had a fantastic brunch there.  We shared crab balls (mini crabcakes) and sweet potato hash with andouille -- both were delicious.  The crab balls were far better than the crabcake I'd had the night before at the dive near the water that supposedly had the best crabcakes in town (it was the 4th of July, maybe the chef was on vacation), and the hash was large, perfectly cooked cubes of sweet potato, slightly spicy sausage, and other ingredients that made the whole dish sing.

For the main, I had coconut creme French toast.  Just, wow.  Huge, absolutely redolent of coconut, with coconut cream cheese inside the bread as well as coconut on top, and some caramelized or roasted (I forget) bananas with it.   Best French toast I've had.

This was all way too much food (even with the app and side being shared), but it was so good I ate as much of it as I could.

Have forgotten what the rest of the group ate.  My colleague had eaten peach mango pancakes (a special) when she went, and said it was incredible and not to miss it if they had it, but it wasn't the special when we went.

(edit to remove my edit where I got confused about whether Inner Harbor meant B'more or Annapolis -- Multiple Locations says Baltimore and Inner Harbor, I thought the latter meant B'more and then rethought that maybe it was Annapolis, but looks like it does mean B'more.  Geography:  not my strong point.)

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Planning on trying this sometime in the near future base on the recommendation of a coworker whose palate I trust. Anyone been this year?

Which location? My last time at the Inner Harbor location (albeit last year, not this year like you asked) wasn't great. Wasn't horrible, but wasn't great. I've never been disappointed at the original Roland Park location though.

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