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Recommendations For 20 at 4 PM Wednesday after an Arlington Inurnment


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Any recommendations for a gathering of 20 or so people around 4pm on a weekday?  We're probably just looking for drinks and finger food rather than a full dinner.  Since it's a somber day, would prefer a restaurant over a bar.  Doesn't need to be a private room, but would be nice if we had a separate area.  I expect Virginia is easier than going into town since we'll have a number of cars that need to caravan from the cemetery.

Thanks for your help!

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Is it today? I wish I knew where this was in Arlington. Can you reply and let us know? I'm thinking Dogwood Tavern in Falls Church, and I can call them for you, but unless you're in West Arlington, that won't be optimal.

If you give me a date, location, and an approximate time and number of people, I will get on the phone pronto, and have you a place within an hour. I have lots of places going through my head where the owners would be *glad* to set something up for you, but I need to know approximately where.

PS - this is *exactly* the type of situation that my emergency number was designed for.

My condolences, btw.

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