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Dining Near the National Cathedral

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I think Don and mktye would really appreciate us using the Dining Guide which they have been tirelessly updating, to help answer these "what's in the neighborhood" questions.

Thanks for the plug, crack-o. Yes, the Dining Guide is there as a reference tool. Mktye has spent hour-upon-hour keeping it current (and I mean truly: hours and hours), and I've spent more time and money than is sane, feasible, or within the bounds of rational human thought. It's not perfect, but it's pretty good.

But I want people to keep asking the "what's in the neighborhood questions" - it's the difference between being a reference tool and a community, not that we can't be both.


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Just got a call from moms and she was looking for thoughts about places to eat lunch/brunch on Sunday near (on the way) to the National Cathedral. I am a native and know where the Cathedral is, but I'm at a loss on the food angle.




2 Amy's is right around the corner.

By all means do eat at 2 Amys. This is the easiest choice imaginable.

2 Amys. :)

I would have said Bistrot Le Zinc, but they got totally hosed, so instead I'll also recommend La Piquette.

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