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Whaley's, Seafood with Raw Bar at Yards Park - By the Owners of DGS Deli

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Finally found a way to kill those endless TS quotes and blatherings of next-day re-re-review of some restaurant TS personally found catered to his tastes.  It wasn't all in vain after all.  :)

Thanks for shortening the title Don.  I wonder what TS review I can kill this week?  :D

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This was from maybe 2 weeks ago.  Not as tasty as it looks, and pretty expensive for what it is ($65).  Great oysters and clams.  The shrimps were a bit mealy, and I didn't care for the bluefish salad or the squid salad (overcooked seafood doesn't taste any better chilled).  I do't know what the sauce was on the sea urchin but it didn't make me happy by muddying the flavor of the sea urchin.  I did enjoy the fluke crudo.


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FOOD FLASH: Nick Wiseman, the co-owner of Whaley’s on the Southeast waterfront, says he’s closing the nearly four year-old seafood restaurant sometime before next month. “It’s bittersweet,” he says. “Business was good.  But it gives us a chance to focus on Little Sesame,” the hummus-themed eatery on L St. NW, not to mention make way for a new concept: Whaley’s turns out to be where former Maydan chefs Gerald Addison and Chris Morgan plan to launch their forthcoming restaurant.

“We get the keys Jan. 1,” says Addison, who is aiming for a spring 2020 roll-out. He and Morgan are still finessing their branding. Until then, the chefs plan to stay mum about the name and the theme.


From Tom's WaPo chat.  Whaley's was never busy when I visited and it was never that good.  Not sad to see it gone.  I don't really see Salt Line lasting either.  

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