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Szechuan Boiled Fish (四川水煮魚)

Simul Parikh

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Well, it turned out pretty darn good, lady was very happy with it. 

Couple issues, though -

1) Sichuan pepper tends to be gritty. I'm not sure if it's residual husks from the grinding process or what. Not a big deal, but a little annoying

2) Not really getting the numbness/tingling. I hear it's b/c you need fresh sichuan peppercorn. Where in the world can I find it fresh? 

3) B/c of this, was much more 'la' than 'ma'. Sweat my face off

sichuan boiled fish.jpg

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41 minutes ago, astrid said:

Grittiness is probably because you included the Sichuan peppercorn seeds in the grind.  You need to remove them and only use the hulls, which contain the flavor.  

Thank you! I figured this out after very mild googling! Will do that next time. It was really annoying b/c the taste was good. 

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Nov 20, 2014 - "Sichuan Boiled Fish in Spicy Sauce" on dimsumptuous.com

Yeah, because it’s a mild white fish dish, I don’t think fish added anything but protein. I was thinking for my parents I would use veg stock, use tofu and top it over noodles

I used this recipe and then these were my mods:

I didn’t have garlic leek, subbed in Celery. Doubled the corn starch, mixed with 2 table spoon water, 1 table spoon rice wine, salt and sugar, marinated fish for 30+ minutes. Boiled the veggies in the stock instead of in water and used that stock for the dish. Skipped cinnamon. 3.5 tbsp doubanjiang. Used 6 cloves of garlic for the sauce and then topped with 3 cloves as recipe said. Was spicy enough, so did not top with chili flakes - toasted Sichuan peppercorns and Ground them up and sprinkled that. Boom!

Oh, and asked my staff that’s from China and he said that his wife generally cooks the Sichuan pepper corns in oil to impart the flavor and filters them out. I think I just need to remove seeds next time.

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