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Mikko, Chef Mikko Kosonen's Casual Modern Nordic Café in Northeast Dupont Circle

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On May 20, 2018, I enjoyed a very delectable lunch at Mikko's Café, which serves casual modern Nordic fare.  See café menu.  Seating is limited to 5 seats at the back counter and 4 at the front so take-away is a very quick and convenient option.  Mikko plans to expand to al fresco dining with beverage service in the near future.  I can't wait for the expanded café menu!

I enjoyed the following:

  • Pickled Herring Open-Face Sandwich with Egg, Greens, Mustard, Dill (Herring is pickled in-house.  Mikko has a smoker for smoked fish.  And for smoked mushrooms in a recipe for a catered soup, which I hope will make it on the expanded café menu!)
  • Karelian Pastry (served reheated)
  • Finnish-Style Fish Soup (this is a hearty dish and can be enjoyed on its own)
  • Salmon Quiche (as take-away immediately enjoyed by reheating at home)



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On 5/21/2018 at 12:15 PM, DaRiv18 said:

That hard boiled egg on the sandwich looks really good, lately I've been getting the grey yolk at a number of places, all four dishes look terrific!

Totally understand.  As a general rule when I dine out, if by first sight, the ingredients are not quality sourced and the dish is not properly composed and executed, I will not commit to consuming it and will let the right folks know to be helpful.  

In the case of Mikko, I can confirm that all 4 dishes taste as delicious as they appear.  In fact, I don’t believe my photos do justice.  Chef Mikko has a passion and respect for quality sourced ingredients combined with refined and precise cooking technique.  I can’t wait to return to try more of his delectable food!

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I like this place and think there is a huge whole in the market for a more formal Scandinavian place. I just sent two weeks in Russia and Helsinki and think their food would sell well here, as it seems to have boomed in NY. Fresh, flavorful, and healthy... what's not to like?

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Nice lunch today from very friendly staff at Mikko today - my first visit. I started with the very tasty herring open-faced sandwich. Wonderful delicate and flavorful, but not overly strong or salty fish. However, it could use a few more slices of fish and a bit less egg.  Also a bit pricey for a small sandwich. Apparently the herring is the only fish in the shop that they import pre-cured from Scandinavia. Then I had the ample dill-seasoned fish soup full of salmon chunks and 2 types of potatoes. Big soup bowl also comes with 2 small slices of dark, hearty bread (I think the same as the sandwich) and butter. I sat at the counter chatting with the chefs as they sliced gravlax. They were kind of gave me a taste and it was very good. I also had a taste of their quick vinegar sweet pickles (super thin sliced) which would be a great contrast to the salty and hearty fish and other dishes. Great looking baked goods in the case in the front. They also do have a bunch of sidewalk seating along with a basket of blankets to use to keep warm during autumn days. 

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