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The Eleanor DC - Bowling Lounge and Grill on Florida Ave, NoMa - Coming to Downtown Silver Spring

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I had lunch at the Eleanor, in the NoMa area under Elevation apartments. I'm nor recommending it, by any means, but it isn't terrible. It's just unremarkable, unless you want to go bowling for some reason.

Let me say up front that I hate any waitstaff that doesn't write down an order. I have NEVER received my exact order from someone who just listens to your order and thinks they can remember it well enough to convey to the back of the house. Thus my burger, ordered medium rare with an egg on top and a side of salad, came out medium well with bacon on top and a side of fries. (Note -- the fries were very good.)

Two of my companions ordered the rib eye, which at $26 should have been thicker than the 1/2" slices that came out. One companion ordered what looked like a reasonable lobster roll, but he wasn't raving about it.

The menu has no rhyme or reason, and certainly no central theme. It's a hodge-podge of dishes that don't fit well on the same menu, like Greek salad, General Tso's wings, the aforementioned lobster roll, and "mussels and fries" (better known as moules et frites). Let's see -- Greece, China, Boston, and Belgium...?

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We went to the Eleanor as our first stop on a Saturday afternoon beer crawl.  Mostly because it was a convenient first stop near the Red Line NoMa metro stop.

We ordered several beers and they have a pretty decent beer selection on draft with small and large pours.  The food from the appetizer menu is basically elevated pub grub so don't expect fine dining and what they do is solid.  In fact the fries were pretty kick ass.  The nachos, elote hush puppies, and wings were all fine and provided a solid base layer for an afternoon of drinking.

The location is kind of odd, not really part of the Union Market area, along a busy Florida Ave, near the bike trail but not on it.  I'm not sure what sort of crowd they get, but they seem to be going for large groups who want nostalgic video games and duck pin bowling in sort of a sports bar setting, but not trying to be a sports bar.  

Anyway, for afternoon beers and pub grub in a casual setting, it hit the spot.  


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