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Tiger Dumplings in Clarendon, Arlington VA

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This place opened up about a month ago and I've already been there 3 times.  The dumplings are very fresh (the lone exception being the soup dumplings but probably a 1-off issue).  They don't have their liquor license yet but hope to have it by Christmas.  I highly recommend the Tiger Signature dumplings, Tiger Signature potstickers, scallion pancakes, cod dumplings, fried fish filet.  I haven't ventured out beyond my current favorites yet.  It's a very nice looking place too.  Service is friendly and kind.



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Thank you for the pointer. We went with our dumpling-obsessed child (well, adult now) and it was a success. A bit slow to get water and take our order, but after that the food actually showed up really fast.

The three kinds of steamed dumplings (pork chive, shrimp celery, and tiger signature which were pork and shrimp) were all really good, as were the scallion pancakes. The chicken soup dumplings were just ok - a little doughy.

Some day we’ll have to try the more Szechuan (?) appetizer things, like chicken in chili oil.

No photos, but it looked exactly like the ones above :)


P.S. probably the best steamed dumplings (selection and taste) we’ve had in NoVa. District dumplings in Arlington is OK, and Kung Fu Kitchen maybe had better soup dumplings, but other than that we’ve always felt in the past that we had to go to Dumplings and Beyond in DC or someplace in MD.

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Got take out on New Year’s Day. 

Vegetable dumplings— these were not good.  Filling was bland, wrappers were soggy

pork/chive dumplings:  filling was good

chicken shiitake:  filling was good

dan Dan noodles:  was ok— missing the greens normally found as a condiment

scallion pancakes: standard

sesame noodles:  good but unremarkable

overall:  I did not feel that these dumplings stood up well to dumpling and beyond in dc or mama’s in Rockville— their wrappers just aren’t as good.  I do like a slightly thicker dumpling tho.  I didn’t try their soup dumplings because we were doing take out.  



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On 1/2/2024 at 7:26 PM, Ericandblueboy said:

Any update on the booze situation?

They now sell booze. Wine, beer and cocktails. At the end of the alcohol menu is this phrase:
Alcohol is not the answer. It just makes you forget the question.

On the bottom of the drinks menu is this phrase:
Lots of drinks are better than alcohol. They still make you happy. 

It contains a wide assortment of tea, soda, juice ect.

FOOD: Highly recommend. My 10yr old daughter and I enjoyed the Shanghai Soup Dumplings which were  a little doughy but still fantastic. I've never had fresh dumplings before and very much enjoyed pork/cabbage. Misses: Here a spring roll is just a spring roll and this order was small and I wish the cucumber salad had a tad more (or any) sesame oil in it but it didn't. We want to go back and try everything else. 

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