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Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Advice Needed


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OK, so after a lot of back and forth and more than a few starts and stops we need to finalize a rehearsal dinner space for our wedding next Fall. We have a number of options remaining, but I'm not particularly enthused about any of them so I'm throwing them out to the DR hive mind. Requirements:

1) Approx. 60 guests, but maybe 10 of them will be kids so some options for the wee 'uns. The party size seems to be a limiting factor here (lots of rooms for 40-50 that we've found)

2) Downtown D.C.; most of the guests will probably be in downtown hotels. Anywhere from the Hill to NW could work (rehearsal itself is in NW)

3) Private space that will allow for cocktail hour/mingling + dinner comfortably

4) Good food with broad appeal (or a diverse, minimally-restricted menu choice would work)

5) Price? Somewhere north of Denny's and south of Citronelle :o . In other words, "reasonable upscale". To give you an idea on some places we have looked at but rejected or didn't have our dates: Chef Geoff's (New Mex. location), Old Ebbitt, Aria.

We are also looking into private space that would allow our caterer to run the show for this as well, but so far we've come up empty on places that meet the above space requirements and allow outside food service. Any suggestions on that would be greatly appreciated; feel free to PM me instead of responding here. Thanks!

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When searching for the perfect spot for my company's holiday party for 60, I landed on Circle Bistro- you could either rent the whole restaurant (and adjoining bar/lounge area for cocktails) or their private room, which I recall being a bit more spacious (and you could still rent the bar/lounge area for cocktails). The food there is fabulous, the staff is a dream to work with, the size is perfect, it's in a good location, and it offers valet parking. I remember the price being much more reasonable than any other option I'd explored (Oval Room, Charlie Palmer, etc.) Unfortunately, our entire holiday party ended up being canceled this year, but I'd definitely recommend CB.

Good luck, and congratulations!

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I heard something recently about the private room at Viridian, upstairs, kind of a gallery space... anyone seen that one personally?

This is intriguing coupled with the recent Hartzer news. I had no idea they even had an upstairs space. Adding to the call list ...

Ah, yes, Circle Bistro. That one somehow slipped through on the first pass, but on the list it goes as well! Didn't know they had a separate banquet space; costs for renting out entire restaurants have generally been prohibitive so far, but we'll check it out. Keep 'em coming!

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