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TMB - Downtown Lunch Club

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Just because I end up putting these in a whim, but really... if Rockville Pike gets to have one.

Restaurant Kolumbia next Wednesday. 12:30PM. Bar lunch.


The North of Cleveland Park, Chevy Chase, Tenley Town, West of the Park, Van Ness TMB a.k.a the Original TMB

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This is a little off-topic, but I personally found Vapiano not worthwhile. Service was slow, and food was mediocure. I'd save my money for RK.

I'm glad you brought up the question about posting a review of a "chain" in another thread, but I think it's only fair to reply to this and not let it stand as a "reveiw" when the place has only been open for a week, if that. I must admit I was a bit taken aback when I saw your response.

This is just something I wanted to throw out and get opinions. How do people feel about reviewing chain-style restaurants early on? Especially those that are well-established. I suppose I am largely pointing to the case of Vapiano. And not simply because it's a bit of a faceless corporation that we can throw dirt at with fewer qualms.

I would think that the food should pretty much be a free-for-all in the beginning. The idea being that chains are there to create some level of consistency, if it is not just a franchise. Also I would imagine the food is generally at its peak in the beginning since everyone is freshly trained and in Vapiano's case some of its first forays into a new market. I recognize that it is also perhaps a special case in that the menu might not be adapted to American tastes.

What do you folks think?

Obviously, I disagree. ;)

I popped in this afternoon when I was walking by on an errand to check the place out. A woman greeted me and I told her I was just getting the "lay of the land" as it were, so she took me around to explain how everything worked. She told me that they just today got their bags in for the carryout. They are just beginning to get the devices that will make it so one can order from the table (the waitperson walks around with it) I can easily see how bumps and hiccups can occur in the beginning of any restaurant.

And isn't Vapiano kinda new to the states? I wouldn't consider that well-established. Faceless corporation I'll give you, but it's not like a Mickey D's, or even a "Sizzle Express" buffet.

As far as reviewing, I think it may be walking a tight rope--does one also post what was going on when one dined? Was it 12:00 and twenty people walked in the door in front of you? A lot of training I would expect happens on the job, and just because a staff is new and freshly trained doesn't mean that they will be at peak performance; just the opposite, I would think.

Anywho, one of my coworkers had the open mind to give it a try last week and had a postivie experience, which spurred me to see if anyone esle might want to give it a go. We all have to eat lunch don't we? I'd rather have home-made pasta then that crap at Sizzle Express anyday. RK is fine for an excursion, but I can't often get the time to go there for a full meal. And if the weather is nice, the outdoor tables are enticing just enough to inspire me to give it a go. So, I'll just post in the on a whim thread if I get to make it there this week, since there doesn't seem to be much interest in a lunch bunch getting together.

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I'm in! In speaking with Amy, the hostess, I found out that one can reserve the end of the bar so it's easier for a group to be able to converse. (She is delightful and extremely helpful.) I went ahead and put in a reservation for 4 at 1pm, and the first thing that came to mind when she asked for a name was "Daniel" (other than Don Rocks, of course.)

So, whoever arrives first, just say you are with the "Daniel" party!

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