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Wines By The Glass

jm chen

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Quoting several of our members, even!

The Half-Glass Makes a Splash.

Mmmmm, Grappler.

The Twenty Rows "The Grappler" is a favorite of mine, too. It is simply awesome, and I love his description of it.

I'm surprised that Sonoma can offer the Alain Graillot Crozes-Hermitage by the glass. I thought our supplier was out of it. Probably has some on restaurant hold.

I think they should have mentioned what Black Salt does with their mini carafes of wine in two sizes.

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[Git bik on topek!]

OK - so this begs the second question - where to go for the best wine-by-the-glass selection in this town for non-Spanish wines? Who has the most varied selection? I know of such places as Talulah in Arlington and Grapeseed in Bethesda. Oh, and Sonoma in Capitol Hill. Am I missing anything?

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Wine Spectators listings are somewhat useful, but not overly so. In particular you have to submit your restaurant to be considered and some of the best restaurants just don't submit. Galileo is closed for renovations (same chef owns Galileo as owns Bebo BTW). As well, Wine Spectator doesn't differentiate between wine service and wine-by-the-glass. A place with wide variety of wines isn't neccassarily going to have a wide selection of wine by the glass.

I'd second the Dino recommendation.

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You might consider looking for places that have equipment designed specifically for serving by the glass. In addition to the restaurants already mentioned here, Bourbon on Wisconsin, Circa in Dupont, and Open City all have smaller winekeepers. (Yes.... Mendocino and Sonoma, too).

Most of these systems pump nitrogen into the sealed bottles, slowing the wine's deterioration over time, in addition to keeping the wine at the proper temperature and preventing waste. I'm sure you've noticed, in your own home, the marked difference in taste in a bottle of wine that's been opened the night before - not to mention a couple of days.

Another advantage is that winekeepers allow the establishment to open bottles that are typically too expensive to sell by the glass, as there is less fear of 'losing' 2-3 pours just to serve 1 guest.

Some prominent manufacturers, if you're interested in learning more.





and this cool idea:


(These aren't cheap: our custom 40 bottle system for Sonoma ran over $35,000).

Of course, in the end, the equipment is only as good as the wine knowledge (and hospitality) of the staff taking care of you!

Hope you find a place to enjoy!

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Vidalia. On Tuesdays they have a wine tasting special from 5-7 pm. Added attraction: good small plates and nibbles for the Bar. [shouldn't this thread be in the Wine and Beer forum?]

It's always Vidalia. Doug rules.... I have never met some one in the business who is more creative. So... trust the list, every single wine has been well thought through. Doug rules...

With much respect...

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